Project Description

evaSearch is a open source enterprise server for indexing documents on local and share folders. Then you can quickly find your files using many user interfaces like a Web site or a console application.



Evaluant Search (evaSearch) is a file search engine developed in .net 3.5 and using The core application is divided in two parts:
  • An indexer that crawls your files and folders in differents sources and add them in the lucene index.
  • A Searcher that retrieves documents from a parsable query.
The core application can be extended in two ways:
  • You can create new “documents plugin” that are used to read the full clean text (text only) of your documents.
  • You can create new UI like web application (basic html, SilverLight/Flash, Ajax) or desktop application since the Searcher service use WCF to communicate with UI.
At beginning evaSeach’s aim was to build an Entreprise Search Engine for basicly indexing some folders and give a simple google like web interface to retreive it.

Open Source

As a true open source project (based on the MIT License), you are free to use or distribute it, in the context of an open source but also commercial products.


  • Open Source under the MIT License, allowing commercial use
  • Easy service installation in command line
  • Catalogs : group source, and define scheduling rules on it.
  • Easy backup, just save your index folder
  • Very good performance
  • Ranked search results
  • Search query highlighting in results
  • Pure managed .net 2 and 3.5 Framework
  • Extensible plugin document parser
  • Multiple UI
  • Scheduling indexer task
  • Multiple sources (actually local and share dir/files)
  • Open search feed and auto discover

Technologies and components

  • .net 3.5 Framwork
  • Euss : Evaluant Universal Storage Services for persistance
  • Linq to Euss for easy queries
  • : Scheduler opensource assembly
  • SilverLight2 for indexer manager
  • WCF for all commnication
  • New 3.5 controls ListView and Pager
  • for index storage and search

People behind evaSearch

evaSearch is a project managed by the people of Evaluant and is a part of its R&D developments

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